Radio host comes for Drake after reigniting his old diss with Meek mill


HOT 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg has shown disappointment in Drake for using his “Summer Sixteen” show in Philly as a means of reigniting his beef with meek mill

Drake ignited the old beef between himself and meek mill by performing “Back to Back,” his biggest diss track to come out of the beef, in his setlist. After “Back to Back,” he addressed his Philly rival by saying, “It’s not about your city. I love your city. You did this to your motherfuckin’ self, boy.”

Rosenberg began today’s tirade by tweeting that he was “disappointed in @Drake.” He continued by writing,
“Someone has you really gassed bro… Dissing Hot in NYC, Meek in Philly… you’re an actor bro.. you’re as soft
as me.”

He further expressed his opinion that it was unnecessary for Drake to stir up the beef lastnight. Meek has “always been realer than you,” he told. Drake. “Your content is MEANINGLESS.”

“Drake wouldn’t have been the toughest kid in my Hebrew school,” clapped Rosenberg, before encouraging Drake to
continue to make “hits for the club” instead of trying to be “hard.”

“Drake is a great entertainer,” whereas “Meek Mill is a. great RAPPER,” explained Rosenberg. “It’s not a part.. it’s
who he is.”



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